A Fraud in Auto ISO of D800

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Re: A Fraud in Auto ISO of D800

My mistake for ommiting a point in my previous point. The magnification (or enlargement) occurs when you enlarge the FX center image to the same DX FOV and 'print' both at the same physical print size.

As has been said, assume you are taking a FF pic to be printed at 8x10 print size. The image in the 'middle' of the printed pic is only the center of the sensor. Let's say the subject is a rabbit and let's assume that the rabbit is only in the center portion of the VF... and the rabbit would be within the 'DX frame' of the D800 if you were shooting in DX mode. But since you are shooting FX, the 8x10 would print the rabbit within the center of the print and the print would include all the surroundings.

However, if you shot the pic IN DX MODE and 'printed' the same size 8x10... you would only have the rabbit...and no surroundings. So you have effectively magnified (enlarged) your image if you print the DX file at 8x10.

Reworded....a DX file printed at 8x10 is the same as the FX file cropped (enlarged/magnified) in PP.

Magnified is a bad word...I should not have used it in my first post.

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