Pentax K30 or Canon 60D?

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Re: Pentax K30 or Canon 60D?

Hi Jim,

It is a great time to be looking for cameras and it sounds like you are doing your homework, which is good as choosing the right camera in the first place will save you money. The not-yet-released Pentax camera looks very good on paper and compares very closely with the 60D. Most likely the K30 will have better weather sealing than the 60D. I know that you said you didn't need weather sealing, but it comes in handy if you do shoot outdoors at all as your sensor will tend to stay cleaner, especially if you shoot in dusty conditions. If you are not in a hurry, I would wait for the K30 and see how the reviews are. The 60D will be replaced by the 70D soon, so I am not surprise the camera is on sale.

I do think it comes down to lenses, and as someone else mentioned, you should give great consideration to determine what lenses you may need in the future and does the system you are considering actually have them. I am a prime lover and that is why I stay with Pentax.

Also, try to spend time with the controls and handling of each of the camera makes you are considering. I think N & P make very ergonomic controls, whereas (for me) Canon, not so much.

Nikon makes some great cameras. I like the IQ from the D5100/D7000 as they have the same (or similar) sensor as that on the Pentax K5. However, like the 60D, these cameras are slated to be replaced soon with (hopefully) better models. So, you can probably get a screaming deal on the old models, or pay more money to get the latest and greatest - your choice.

Have you considered the EM-5? That camera may appear to be expensive, but I think it is priced well for what you get: IQ on par with most APS-C sensor cameras, great viewfinder, amazing IBIS, two control dials and tilting screen. I held that little camera just yesterday and it appears very well built. Consider it since it would work with the lenses that you have.

Best of luck in your search!

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