World cools towards Obama

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Re: World cools towards Obama

René Schuster wrote:

Even the main German news magazine, Der Spiegel, has it on its front page: "Obama's failed presidency".

Interesting to see these articles NOW, a week after the Bilderbergers had their annual meeting, this time in the US. My conclusion is they made up their mind and will no longer support Obama but probably prefer seeing Romney in the White House, a far more willing "tool" to follow their agenda of adding Iran to the Rothschild banking empire, to rewrite the map of the entire middle east by bringing war to this region and to also speed up the process of destroying Dollar as well as Euro to move one step closer to their New World Order.

The English language version of a new Spiegel article: "The President of Disappointments - How Obama Has Failed to Deliver"

Not to be misunderstood as an anti-Obama article (the first word on the front page of this week's Spiegel magazine is "Schade" (What a pity"), but I think it is a good description of how many in Germany see the US of today.


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