D800 at 300mm compared to Nex7 at 200mm

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I think that the NEX-7 would be a great alternative to traveling with a heavy Nikon lens and body. The camera was recently described on DP Review as having possibly the best crop sensor image quality available on ANY CAMERA.

It would also save time and reduce some dust exposure, because it would reduce the amount of lens swapping, which is always a pain. Not to mention extending shutter and battery life.

I would say GO FOR IT, SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA!!! (I just might do it myself!!)

Thanks for Posting!!!

PaulSimon wrote:
All I see is user error.

Only idiots buy NEX cameras.

No glass.

Douglas Boyd wrote:


I was sorting through some of my Nikon lenses trying to find the best to use at 300mm. Here's what I found:

Nikon 18-300mm VR at 300mm: not good away from center
Nikon 80-400mm VR at 300mm: not good similar to the 18-300
Sigma 50-500mm at 300mm: the best of the three but heavy at 4.3lb

So I thought I would compare for fun with my Nex-7 and the Tamron 18-200mm at 200mm (equivalent to 300mm in Fx). The Nex setup ways about 5 times less then the Nikon with the Bigma and was very easy to use at telephoto with the articulating screen. The Nex also has a higher pixel density then the D800. I set both cameras at ISO400 and photographed a scene from my deck at about a distance of 200 ft. The Nex used VR and was braced against a railing. The Bigma was similarly braced and used a high shutter speed.

Here's the result. First the D800 full image, then the Nex7 full image and then the comparison at 300% in lightroom.

I wasn't able to find any difference in image quality or resolution between the images. The Tamron zoom did have some CA but that was easily removed by LR using the automatic setting. Also the Nex had slightly more image noise, also easily removed in LR. Other than that, I believe I can save a lot of weight using the Nex for telephoto. Of course the D800 is far better than Nex at wide angle.

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