What'coming from Pentax in 2012

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Ari Aikomus
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Wow - Now I am almost sure that we will see FF ...


NorthwestF wrote:

Reading various threads and rumors, it's pretty clear what's coming in 2012

(1) Entry-level K-mount DSLR (Kr replacement)

...Or maybe K-01 refresher?

(2) Already Announced K30

...K30: Kr replacement ?

(3) K-5 refresher, same body, same sensor but improved specs and upgrades (focus peaking, video, etc).

...Yes, and swivel screen !?

That's it for everything that will be on sale 2012. Plus prototype of higher level camera shown (higher than K-5) at Photokina that will have APSC sensor (probably 24 MP), but the camera will not be released this year but in 2013

Higher than K-5 replacement (above) ? No, I don't think so, but...

No full-frame -- no new mirrorless ...

I think - I am almost sure- that we will see Pentax FF in 2013, with Sony's FF 24 MP next generation FF sensor!

Soon we see Nikon's D600 (new 24mp FF sensor) and Sony's A99 (same 24mp sensor)...Next is Pentax



Is everyone happy with that roadmap?

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