Pentax K-5 with 3 Limited Lenses or Fuji X-Pro1 with 3 Primes

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Re: Pentax K-5 with 3 Limited Lenses or Fuji X-Pro1 with 3 Primes

Right now, I'd still go for the K5 + Limiteds, though I'd throw in at least the DA15 or the DA21 in there.

I'd say the K5 is simply a much better camera than the XPRO1 (speed, handling etc..), with the quietest shutter you'll find on any DSLR.

Size may be an issue, but then again, unless you go entry-level, you won't find a DSLR of this build and quality at this size right now. Fuji vs K5 size-wise isn't as big a difference vs say XPRO1 vs the D300s or the 7D.

The biggest advantage for the XPRO1 for me right now is the 18mm f/2 lens = it's small, it's fast, and it's an FL where Pentax (or any DSLR system for that matter) do not really have any options at a comparable size AND speed. Pentax does have the 15mm and 21mm, and they're small and compact, but at f/4 and f/3.2, they're not exactly fast. Sufficient yes, but a compact f/2 lens is pretty much always preferable vs a slower one at the same size.

On the tele end, with the DA70 and FA77, it's pretty much all Pentax = size, speed and quality.

Only reason I had considered the Fuji XPRO1 (with the 18mm) (and the NEX7, with the 24mm) was, being a street shooter, a prime in the 24-35mm-equivalent range is pretty much all I need 95% of the time, but in the end, it wasn't worth the switch for me.

Perhaps if Fuji had a much better body out, it'll be a tougher call, (or maybe once they release their 23mm lens) but for my purposes right now, Pentax has a significant advantage as far as I'm concerned. (lens choices, weather sealing, handling)


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