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jmagbita wrote:

My original thought behind my post about the need for external flash on the 5d mkiii actually pertains to the need for one while traveling on vacation.. i can't imagine having to bring along 3 lenses (wide zoom, normal zoom, and a fast prime) PLUS a flash while in Italy or Spain or anywhere else.. do people do this while traveling?

and that's my basic concern with the 5d mkiii not having a built in flash, for those few evenings when you might want one..

how do the semi-pro or serious hobby photographers here do it? thoughts?

Since nobody seems to have directly answered your question, I am chiming in. Yes, I usually do bring a flash, including travel. Why? Learning to use the flash off-camera has opened a new world of possibilities (see TheStrobist). I am bringing one flash with a basic set of gels. It's not much space and weight.

I am using the built-in flash as a trigger and control system (Nikon Creative Lighting System, yes, I am from the "dark side"). As I understand, the 5DIII now has a built-in radio trigger? That would be a great feature.

Just to give you 2 examples of my off-camera use I am attaching 2 photos from Cambodia, one where I used the flash (with orange gel) bounced to support the available light, and another one where I used it directly on the dancer to overpower the available light. In both cases I just put the flash on a table or the stage and controlled it from camera. In this case I think it was on the stage as you can see from the shadows.

Cheers, Surf

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