MBA 13" running Lightroom

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Re: MBA 13" running Lightroom

Lee Beasley wrote:

I have an 11" last year's model 1.8 GHz Core i7 MBA with 4MB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. It's VERY fast, and the HD still has plenty of space. I don't run Lightroom, but I do run Aperture on it with no problems or glitches. In fact, I think it's faster than my Core i7 MBP that's a much faster processor, has 8GB of RAM, but doesn't have a SSD. There isn't really any reason you have to max out a hard drive these days unless you absolutely want to.

Yes, having the SSD really greases the rails.

Think I'll upgrade my 5-year-old MB to a MBP without Retina but with anti-glare, high-rez display, stock configuration, and max out the RAM (16 GB) and SSD (512 GB) myself.

Apple charges way too much for those upgrades, and only offers 8 GB of RAM on their standard pros. I can upgrade to 16 myself for less than what they want for 8.

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