EPL-2 Infra Red conversion questions

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Re: I DO NOT second Spencer's

I sent my E-P2 for a 590nm conversion to lifepixel, partly based on other user's experiences of the company and (more importantly) they were very quick to respond to pre-purchase query's I had.

Throughout the conversion process I also was in contact with them and found them to be quick to respond. The timeframe given was accurate too and in all a great customer experience.

I went for 590nm since it gave the best options for me, namely the extreme colours with the option to (fairly easily) go monochrome for the classic IR look.

Very pleased with my choice, I would've got peanuts for the E-P2 if I tried to sell it and the option of having IR as and when I want it without having to take tripod and filters combined with compatiblity with my existing lens swung it for me.

Its a not-too-expensive option for extending the life of a m4/3 body that would'nt fetch much if sold 2nd hand. Also expands my photography hobby by opening up IR.

Whichever option you go for you wont regret it!

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