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Re: Hope this helps!

Assume you have reset the waste ink counter?

Anyway - in the past a number of owners reported the same problem and seems the main cause was a power outage that ruined the logic board - gather those are around $200 without the fitting (can be done but seems somewhat complex if not a technician used to replacing such things).

Many owners ended by purchasing a replacement printer due the high costs of repairing by Canon - many said (& &%(&%( to Canon and got Epson printers.

If you do find you have to go that route - consider the low cost 1400/1410/1100 Epsons as low cost and excellent quality output. Sorry cannot be of more help.

Many have reported the "pretty useless" support from Canon making them, with the excessive repair quoted costs, decide to move away from any Canon printers as replacements. Let's hope you get some results but with my own experience of same printer (UK model number) I have my doubts.

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