The dumbing-down of the Mac.

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The dumbing-down of the Mac.

A couple of days ago, I had a long discussion with the senior mac tech at the IT support facility U of Saskatchewan, one of the two authorized warranty-repair/Applecare facilities in this city of 250,000.

This conversation took place because my i7 15" MacBook pro, already in for repair for a second time in 6 months of ownership, was - is - again unusable to me for well over a week. And because he knew that it had been bought to replace an earlier, again failing15" MBP that he had had to replace three motherboards, a battery, a HD and a DVD drive on, during the previous three years. (I replaced it with another MPB because I was under deadline pressure and had to transfer files and apps quickly, and also in hope that I had just had a rare lemon.)-

This very-experienced service tech explained to me that the repair was taking so long because the Mac OS has, much like the machines themselves, become so closed that it was difficult even for him to figure out what was going on. The Mac OS, he explained, has from about OS 10.5, and much more so with LION, been increasingly closed off and given a slick surface to make everything as simple and automatic as possible for people who s want to surf the net and play and up and download and do quick and simple edits to music and videos and digital images. A part of the problem may even be that I had changed or moved what used to be user-accessible files and routines (libraries) by adding paper and camera/lens profiles in an OS that can no longer tolerate even such things as the repeated movement of files.

We currently operate two iMacs and two PBpro's and have previously owned a string of Mac's, including a Pismo that I upgrade to a G4 and a "Sawtooth" that I kept upgrading and we kept using for nearly a decade.

We also own a couple of PC's (inherited from a gaming daughter.). In the past, I have used these little because I hated things like "hidden files" and the general complexity of the Windows OS. However, at this point it is becoming clear that the now monstrously large and increasingly industry-bullying has essentially adopted the same treat-the-user-as-an idiot and planned-obsolescence strategies that caused many of us to abandon PC's and turn to them in the first place,

I really cannot see buying another of their computers~
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