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D-FA is, and still is, sort of a defunct nomenclature intended to mean optimized for both digital and film; the D-FA 100mm WR was named so because it is an existing optical design fitted with a new body.

RE: The DA lenses I was referring to have been put to the test already - they cover the 35mm frame without significant vignetting. Corner performance on 35mm is a bit of a joke; particularly on lenses 35mm and longer in focal length - which are the only DA lenses you'd be using on a 35mm frame. Corners on FA lenses on film aren't great, nor are any 'old school' lenses that are 2.8 and faster when used on film; sure, there are great flat-field lenses like the K24 and K28 f3.5 primes, but if we are talking stopping down those DA lenses to that kind of aperture, the argument is null and void anyway.

I can say from experience that the DA35 Limited, DA40 Limited, DA*55, and DA70mm are probably even better lenses on film than they are on APS-C.


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I don't disagree, but what's a D-FA if not an FA (FF) optimized for digital ? While non WA DA lens will generally cover the FF field, the corners are likely to be rather poor and with significant vignetting, which makes them potentially poor FF lenses.

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