Show us your VW pictures

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digitalCG Regular Member • Posts: 198
Re: Show us your VW pictures

vbuhay wrote:

DigitalCG - Beautiful red in B/W Back Drop any more???
That Ghia is an eye candy. I love that Blue Bus - is it for sale? How much?

My favorite - VW with a hundred peopel? How many?

I have more of that red 'vert somewhere, let me get some online. The Ghia was a beauty, 2.2 motor, leather interior, porsche brakes, 5 speed box, the works. The bus was at a show, no idea of the owner sorry. That bug had 80-something people in and on it, a 'bug stuff' world record at the time.

Here's a Beetle Super Saloon from the 70's, basically a V8 powered single seat racer with a Bug shell... incredible machine!

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