Would you still buy a D90 today?

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Re: Would you still buy a D90 today?

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Do yourself a favor and skip the D90. Buy a D7000. It exceeds (or absolutely crushes) the D90 on every possible front.

Except grip comfort, weight, and size. Small complaints, I know, and highly personal ones. But Nikon seems to be on a body and sensor bloat tear lately and I wish they'd stop. On the other hand, I'd love the noise quality, AF fine tuning, and a few other features on the D7000. But ain't gonna go bigger than a D90.

Yeah, I hear ya. At 1st I didn't like the grip. It's kinda "square". My D80, very similar to the D90, was more comfortable. More so, I have fairly long fingers, and my D300 is still my favorite grip of my 3 bodies. I've gotten used to it, but it WOULD be something I'd change if I could. The D7K wears my hands out just a TAD faster than my other bodies. Alas, there are always compromises. The rest of the camera way more than makes up for it.

Exactly. It got squarish for reasons that escape me. The Canon 60D is FAR more comfortable to grip. No reason the D7000 can't be as comfortable.

Size of the D7K is very similar to the D80/D90, overall.

Yup. Just a skosh taller, and tougher to get into the skinny stealthy bags that are more comfortable to carry, and tougher to get into the side hatches of adventure camera backpacks. Especially with a tripod plate attached.

Ah, well. Nikon's DSLR future is its FX past. Unless you want a big sensor compact that thinks its an ILC. The next two years of product evolution will be very interesting.


Funny thing: tonight I was browsing Craigslist for a lens I'm wishing to buy. Someone had a D80 with under 6000 clicks for $300. I stopped myself as I was writing the email to buy it. Great deal, right? Good lord, I don't NEED another body! Lol!

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