Using Elements 8, thinking of switch to Lightroom

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Re: Using Elements 8, thinking of switch to Lightroom

When speaking of 16 bit or 8 bits, you are referring to the color resolution per color channel, not detail resolution/sharpness. In other words, the number of intensity steps in each color channel. Since the R-G-B channels are displayed or printed and visually combined it is unlikely you would notice any banding/posterization with smooth gradients. If it does exist one trick is to add a tiny bit of noise to smooth over the edges.

If you intend to use any third party plug in filters many will not work on 16 bit per channel images.

In general, you may find if offered by the camera manufacturer, their proprietary RAW converter may offer more options than the Adobe products which do not read many of the RAW embedded camera OEM settings as starting point and just use preset profiles that Adobe has designed.

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