HS 25 Photos Revisited

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Re: HS 25 Photos Revisited

Thanks for your comments and suggestions on the originals and here.
You were helpful.

I just went to My Profile/My Settings/Privacy and Safety and only saw the

1) Allow visitors to download full size original images from your gallery


2) Don't allow visitors to download original images from your gallery
I have 2) selected. You probably have 1) selected.

Just reviewing the EXIF data sure helps me and if that can be of help to
others, even better. MyFinePix Studio's EXIF window is essentially useless.
I'm actually using a free prg that I have used for screen shots forever, to
get a more complete EXIF listing. Found a .dll for that. I can copy to the
clipboard from there. Need to figure out how to trim that though.

Tim39 wrote:
Thanks for reposting the pix.

Sorry I wasn't more helpful with the originals. That was enabled in my settings from...god only knows...forever. And I frankly didn't know how to direct you to a setting I'd never made. Managed to find it, thoughIf you look under Profile and Settings, you'll find the setting under "Privacy and Safety."

Hope that helps. It'll sure help people in analyzing your photos. Think you'll be surprised at the difference it makes when you try it yourself.

MtnCat wrote:

This is a reload of my initial thread of 'HS25 Photos'. I'm including the actual

camera jpgs followed by my edited jpgs that were uploaded in the original thread.
Sorry for any possible confusion.

Having trouble locating 'Enable viewing at "original" size' setting per Tim39's suggestion. Something else to fix. I only found click to expand.

Thanks for the nice comments in response to the original thread.

This one is handheld, from well over a mile away. I may have done some touch up in an un-mentionable free prg, resized, maybe some cropping.

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