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Re: Guy Parson's file naming method

Godfrey wrote:


I use Lightroom. All files are renamed as I import them, to the schema I documented here and elsewhere long ago. What th camera's numbering/ naming schema might be is almost completely irrelevant: I use the number portion purely as an identifier breadcrumb, and often rename defined sequences with a sequence number.

I can always find what camera made a shot by filtering the metadata.

Likewise interesting Godfrey, I don't use Lightroom.

It is useful to hear how others use a file numbering regimen. The situation I describe is not an alternative to a personal file-numbering procedure but more a second-level automatic system once set up that helps keep the natural file numbering of the SD cards apart and has some side benefits.

My "system" is agriculturally bog-standard - I just copy up from the sd card into a directory created by the creaky old file manager, which was not much good when it was written and has never been improved. I guess this is why software manufacturers avoid file managers like the plague and simply snag the necessary routines into their own products. There has never been any incentive for Microsoft (for one) to improve their independent file management services nor have they done so. But I am prone to hitting myself on the head with lumps of wood

I have no problem with anyone's personal system in use and what works for them works. Nor was I trying to sell this idea as some sort of superior way of doing things - just remembering what Guy had noticed and bringing it back into public view. It had no relevance for me at the time but now it seems now to have some use even if only to me personally.

The Ricoh manual clearly states that the internal camera numbering system is also quite different from the one that goes on to files in any case. Therefore there are three systems in use - the internal one used by the camera, another that provides two optional systems that will automatically generate numbers recorded on the SD files on the card and the personal method each individual choses to use for their own records. Here we have simply a way to have some control over the way that the camera automatically numbers files on SD card only.

I seem to remember having some product I had years ago that insisted in renaming my imported files into something a "yard" long full of dashed-out dates and any other name-part I wished to introduce. Quite useful but very product-specific and was no longer useful the minute I switched to another product. Might have been my "free" copy of Lightroom #1 but I didn't like it much - I hear it has improved ... and no doubt it will keep improving with each new release.

And yes, if you give the EXIF and metadata a chance you can always look it up.

Not sure about an individual camera signature though. In my slack lopsided way I can only see "GXR-A12 mount" and not "which GXR and which mount" must have a closer look and see if there is a generated individual signature in there. Surely?

Meanwhile for anyone interested you can change serial number sequence in-camera per SD card so that the number reference can uniquely show which sd card caught your image quite automatically, self updating continuously, with no further effort, and product independent. By keeping the same SD card dedicated to a camera then you effectively code the images back to that camera seamlessly and prevent the remote possibility of file number-conflicts. No need to look up EXIF metadata or process the files via software to further rename them.

No sweat, no pack drill, just one of life's little mysteries, something for the memory bank to remember if it ever becomes useful.

Less useful, if useful at all, I suppose that by using this method you can get any SD card to start or change its numbering sequence to any number you might introduce within reason. I had to mention this for completeness.

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