D600 full frame is REAL - 5D mkIII price drop inc.

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Re: D600 full frame is REAL - 5D mkIII price drop inc.

Kali108 wrote:

Dude, what IS your problem??

What's your problem?

I've now re-read my post 3 times and cannot for the life of me see how ANYONE would conclude I said your 1D III had AF issues. Nowhere do I challenge your statement. Hell, I said I tried one myself and had NO ISSUES. So what? - are you suggesting that Rob Galbraith and several Canon engineers are clueless???

Canon only admits the problems in early bathes and since provided hardware and software fixes. Many 1D3 owners claimed the problem fixed and I also read many said still had sort of issues. However overwhelming owners of later batches claimed they never had problems. I read similar stories from D7000 owners and many said the AF issues never completely solved even after Nikon services, so can I suggest D7000 has AF fiasco?

Your argument is idiotic because you seem to have concluded since your 1D III works flawlessly, everyone including Canon management (!!) who publicly acknowledged the camera had serious issues are wrong. Ok, you're free to get your jollies as you wish, but I think our ridiculous personal battle has highjacked this thread enough.

So the same logic should apply to D800 and D7000?

I apologize to everyone, except qianp2k.

You apologized me once already, need another time. You initiated the personal attack then resort to irrational and idiotic arguments.

qianp2k wrote:

Kali108 wrote:

Now, now qianp2k, calling me "stupid" breaks the "Thou shalt not personally insult" commandment , doesn't it? Someone could say you're a hypocrite. I may have to report you to Mommy, I mean, the DPR forum moderators.

read what you wrote "your idiotic argument".

I never said your 1D III had AF issues. In my response to you, I clearly accepted what you reported as FACT. What I did not do is ignore the massive, public record of the 1D III AF issues that persisted for YEARS.

What matters to me if my 1D3 AF works flawlessly? That is my "idiotic" argument. Someone's D7000 or D800 AF fiasco is anything to do with your copy if it works without a glitch? My photos speak themselves and I am a proud 1D3 owner.


qianp2k, I have no idea what you shoot or what expectations your clients have (if you shoot for a living), but I can tell you as someone who predominantly shoots for magazines (pretty small print, yes?), the difference between a D800 and 5d2/3 is very noticeable, not only to me, but to the photo editors I work with.

I have read several owners of both cameras and they said the difference almost none when print to 30x20” or even 36x24”.

It is very, very much in line with the difference one sees with medium format digital (MFD). A difference in IQ one once had to pay 8-10X the price for vs 35mm digital. And for any MFD shooters reading this, no I'm not saying they're 100% equal either. It's like walking on egg shells 'round here, I tell ya.

Not true MF still beats D800 easily. The difference between 50-80mp MF and 36mp D800 is lots bigger than between 5D3 and D800.

Please, please (begging) qianp2k, do not conclude I'm saying someone cannot make wonderful images in general or professionally for magazines using a 5d2 or 5d3. I repeat in the positive, imo a photographer using a 5d2 or 5d3 can make wonderful images worthy of magazines where medium format digital rules.

Now, with that said, it's also true, in my opinion that the IQ of the D800 has narrowed the gap between MFD and 35mm digital very significantly. (At 1/8 of the price of an IQ140). The 5d3 did not. The D800 DR, resolution, etc advantage matters. It matters on paper aka as prints.

You and I, imo, should celebrate this Nikon achievement TOGETHER AS PHOTOGRAPHERS (Kumbayah!), versus "what brand do you shoot" adversaries. It's clear to me, I have no place in these forums. My buddy Zack A. warned me, even made fun of me. Now I get it. Lesson learned.
qianp2k -- are we "good"? I sincerely hope so.

You talk simply on fanboyism not your own experiences. I have seen many 5D3 and D800 photos so far. They both can generate fantastic photos and both can result to crappy photos. I just don't see D800 is so obvious better on the sizes I have seen.

qianp2k wrote:
You are in troll disease as I just reported you on that post as I said.

More 1D3 owners claimed never have AF issues in late batches. Othewise D7000 and D800 all have AF fiasco. My 1D3 never has AF issues, stupid.

Kali108 wrote:

qianp2k, I ain't a troll. I'm a photographer with a gearhead disease. True, I've never owned a 1D III, but I shot with it on several occasions. I actually didn't have any issues with it that I recall.

Unfortunately for Canon (and your idiotic argument), many, MANY people did. Especiallly, sports photogs and PJs, the very target audience for the 1D III. This was infamously detailed by Rob Galbraith. Rob worked with Canon directly to demonstrate the issue and seek a fix. After several attempts at fixes, the issue was never truly resolved. The 1D IIn was a great camera for its day. Heck, still is.

Do you (or Viva, chironNYC, etc) have any interest in truthful dialog? Any? It sure doesn't appear so.

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