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sphexx wrote:

I may have misunderstood the problem you are addressing here Tom, but it seems to me finding photos taken by various cameras (and scanners) is easily done using the EXIF info. For example, iPhoto on MacOSX keeps track of all the cameras used and it is a trivial matter to make a "smart album" (essentially a saved search updated in real time) for all the photos taken with a given camera. Similarly for lenses or combinations of lens and camera plus any other criteria contained in the EXIF or other metadata. similarly in Aperture with added possibility of renaming files with quite complex filenames while they are being imported.

I seem to remember you are Linuxian (is that the word for people from the planet Linux?) so my examples are not applicable directly but I'm sure there must be a similar system available to you.


I am not a Linux man nor have I gone much past beinng simply irritated by Apple's "do it our way or else attitude", once I get over that I am sure that I will appreciate my Apple i-whatever. But meantime the Windows ragged operating system family is familiar and does what I need.

I will cast around for what you say, but it is no big-deal for me really - my problem is not identifying cameras or poring into EXIF details. I am too lazy / have too many lenses to make the GXR lens naming for EXIF work. I am one of a kind in the lens category, gone from having a few fun lenses, to a lens-tester, collector, and now perhaps an incipient museum owner.

Not asking anyone to emulate me, just for some patient understanding.

My specific probelm is not a great one, I can live with any method of recording where and when and what with. I have my own system and others have theirs.

Because I have multiple GXR cameras and A12 mounts now and many lenses there is every possibility that I will have my GXR-LTM/LM, my GXR-M42, my GXR-FD - all are running their own sd cards and Ricoh makes no provision for separate numbering or direct referencing of the camera that made the image that I know of - just "GXR-A12 mount". Nor am I giving the camera back any specific help or even caring over-much which lens took that great lucky shot. I am not aware if individual camera backs have their own specific signature, but that I have not deeply investigated, nor do I care that much.

Others may strike similar problems with merely a GRD and a GXR or even a CX combination: So far card-number conflict is hit or miss and has not hit me so far at present but it is always a possibility.

I am merely putting forward the re-gurgitation of a simple number-code system in-camera that will automatically identify which of your Ricoh cameras took an image. Once set in a minute's time per camera it becomes quite automatic and card number conflict is all but eliminated.

Renaming, renumbering, special directories, or any personal use methods are very much up to each individual user to devise their own. The system I have described works with any software, any computer operating system, any user and is completely automatic once set.

I copy my files using a file manager into a "Japanese" date number prefix (YYMMDD) order which is self regulating in sorted date order adding "camera" and "event reference" to taste. Works for me and is dead set simple.

If I use more than one Ricoh camera on any specific occasion then there is a remote possibility that sooner or later their SD file numbers will co-incide. Furthermore the off the card numbers give no indication at captured file name level of which camera did the business. It requires furher diligence to adjust this. By tricking the sd card into using another number sequence individual cameras can be quickly and easily identified by a unique file number prefix without any further delving. Files can be sorted by file number to show the camera used.

Only useful for lazy sods like myself of course. I now have the opportunity of putting all my files from any given date-session into the same data-labeled directory where they can be easily found and also identified by camera (not necessarily lens). They can continue to use Ricoh's own in-camera generated file numbering system without any further intervention needed.

I am not about to "sell" the idea to anyone, if anyone finds it useful, thank Guy Parsons who first found and explained it.

It is no more than just another tool in the box of tricks.

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