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Keith Hanlan
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Re: Bert -- Bionz Processor does NR before RAW

BertIverson wrote:

Keith Hanlan wrote:

BertIverson wrote:

I am curious. How does one know that NR is applied on-chip to raw images? Is not a raw file simply a 2D array of luminance values? If so, and this is what comes out of the chip, seems by definition to be uncooked raw.

Take a look at some of Sony's descriptions of their "BIONZ" image processor:

... circuitry that improves camera response time, screens out noise before RAW data conversion , handles Dynamic Range Optimization processing...

And from :

... the dual BIONZ engines apply advanced noise reduction algorithms twice — once prior to RAW data conversion and again during image processing — to ensure an absolute minimum of noise in final image data.


Good information but this is BIONZ firmware NR exterior to the sensor chip and could be turned off (and can be turned off). I was referring to sensor on-chip hardware NR . I think by "RAW data conversion" they may mean converting to JPG.

Hmmm... we might be talking at cross-purposes a bit. I feel the need to wave my hands

The diagram linked above shows NR being applied on-chip (in both analogue and digital domains) and also off-chip to both the raw data and during image processing. I interpret "image processing" and "compression" to include jpeg creation.

The bottom line is that there is lots of noise compression being done, much of it unavoidable. In that sense, all jpeg images are "cooked". To extend the metaphor, perhaps the question is whether or not they are cooked to perfection.

Finally, to return to the original poster's question, he asked Is not a raw file simply a 2D array of luminance values? to which the answer is "No, not simply."

Thus the answer to his other question How does one know that NR is applied on-chip to raw images? is that it is always applied.


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