Can someone test EM5 Movie Mode with Legacy Lenses?

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Re: Got an answer, not so good...

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Moogens wrote:

Thank you for your E-mail regarding IBIS.

We are sorry to inform you that we are unable to guarantee the
operation with non-native adapted lenses in exception of genuine

However, we are constantly making efforts to improve our products.
We are always grateful for customers' opinion.

Thank you.

Best regard,

Customer Support Center

What a let down.

The biggest and most special feature of the OMD is IBIS. Without it, there are many better options for video with more features - GH1/2/3, Nex, etc.. the OMD doesn't have variable frame rates nor high bitrates for video...but it Does have IBIS; something the other cameras don't have. That's what sets it apart (IBIS) and that's what will make up for its' shortcomings (24p, higher bitrate) compared to the other cameras that do have 24p and higher bitrate. Olympus should really be exploiting the OMD's best and most unique feature, IBIS, instead of dumbing it down.

I totally agree. Manual glass like my AIS Nikkors just look better than any of my m43 lenses, including some very good lenses like the PL 25 1.4. And I was dreaming about buying the Voigtlander 17.5 0.95 and using it with the E-M5. Hope dashed.

Will be waiting for the GH3 which if you believe the rumored specs is going to be awesome. Anyway, the frame rates options on the E-M5 are really not good, but I was willing to overlook that because the IBIS works so well. But the whole point of m43 is that the mount opens up a huge world of Ebay wonders.

Yes, totally! m43 mount is awesome because ANY old lens is possible to be put on it...unlike dslrs, etc.

Me too! I had the EXACT same reason in getting the OMD - willingness to overlook it's shortcomings (no 24p nor higher bitrates), because to me, IBIS and stable handheld video is waaaaay more important.

Especially for my type of shooting where tripods/shoulder-rigs aren't used- non-pro, walk-around, street, hobby, amateur, small art pieces, city, travel, etc.

I also read that even though the VC 17.5mm and 25mm are truly native-m43 mount, they still don't have Video-IBIS. How disappointing.

Maybe they mean "unable to guarantee," as in they will try and fix it in their next firmware with the FL inputted (but works for video this time), but will not guarantee that it will work perfectly with all focal lengths..?

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