UniWB for Nikon D800E

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Re: UniWB for Nikon D800E

@Robin, you are welcome.

There don't seem to be many D800E users out there, that have been waiting for a uniWB file

Although im a happy uniWB user on my good old D200 (because i am convinced that ETTR is improving the quality of the output of this camera by a reasonable ammount) , I'm wondering whether using ETTR (and uniwb) on a modern camera like D800E with its vastly improved DR will still bring a reasonalbe improvement that justifies the additional trouble during shooting (checking the histograms, unusuable jpegs out of the camera) and post production (correcting wb).

Well i guess i'll just have to figure it out by myself, while working with uniwb on the d800e.

However i would be interested to know about experiences/thoughts of other users on this topic.


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