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Re: Bokeh difference?

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I never touched a medium format camera, but aren't they capable of more narrow depth of field than FX, just like FX can have a more narrow depth of field than a DX sensor?

That would be the case, if medium format offered lenses with the same aperture ratios as FX, for the same angles of view. But mostly this isn't the case: 85mm f/1.4 or 35mm f/1.4 on FX produce a shallower DoF than any medium format lenses with similar angles of view, that I know of. Medium format lenses tend to be f/2.8 or slower.

Also, most "medium format" sensors are not even true 645 in size, let alone being close to something like 6x7.

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Even more so..., light fall off, when wide open on MF lenses, can be unbelievable especially when there is a leaf shutter system. OTOH the use of MFDBs makes more sense with technical or view cameras which (due to the lesser area of the sensors than sheet film) have been reduced in size down to 2x3 and lenses with smaller image circles have been designed to cope with the MFDBs much higher resolution than sheet film. The manufacturers of view cameras have proceeded in offering kits that replace the rear standard of the camera for DSLRs from Nikon or Canon, but obviously MFDBs (especially multishot ones) are a much better choice there, for product, still life, architectural, macro or scientific photography. In the past however where most of the lenses could cover 8x10, the shallow DOF of a 8X10 camera was so thin, that nobody bothered with fast lens designs... On my Contax 645 I have pretty fast glass for MF, but again I can match the shallow DOF with fast Nikon glass... On the Fuji GX680 (with which I replaced the Sinar P2 that I've listed) the DOF is even shallower, but the lenses are obviously slower..

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