Art Filter use - Should I feel guilty?

Started Jun 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Art Filter use - Should I feel guilty?

When I first started doing "serious" photography with a Konika Hexar Silver and rolls of Fuji Reala my primary concern was capturing realistic lighting, colours, tone, and so on.

Since going digital, I find myself increasingly "making" instead of "taking" photographs. It started with post processing, and now includes using one art filter in particular on my e-p3 (Grainy Film).

I have my camera set to capture both jpeg (Grainy Film) and RAW. That way, I can also play with an unaltered copy of the image in Lightroom.

I understand your desire to understand and be able to control the creative process. At the same time, I think it's useful to be patient with yourself and respect the learning curve. So use an art filter if it produces the result you want and, if you're so motivated, play with a RAW and see what you leanr by attempting to duplicate (improve on?) what the camera can do for you.

Just my two cents.


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