Help in choosing a 'Sling' bag.

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Update: Chose the Case Logic.

Just an update to say thanks for all the advice given regarding a sling bag.

Eventually purchased an immaculate used Case Logic from one of the contributors to this thread.

The Panasonic FZ10 which with its petal lens hood fitted is a large camera and fitted the main compartment without any problems, the second compartment which is lightly padded needed some thought.

The Fujifilm X10 is fitted with a leather half case, neck strap and wrist strap (all supplied by Rokkor Leathers of South Korea) in addition I also have the genuine Fujifilm filter holder and lens hood which is not removed from the camera so needed a small case that could accept the camera with these accessories and would fit into the second compartment of the Case Logic.

Firstly bought a Tamrac 'Digital 3' (Model No 5693) bag which the X10 fitted into 'on end' and was a cosy fit, although this bag would fit in the Case Logic it tended to make the second compartment appear 'bulky'. The Tamrac will be useful if I just want to take just the X10 out, plus it has a reasonable sized outer pocket which would take SD cards and batteries, this bag also has a shoulder strap and can be used as waist bag attached to a belt.

The next bag I tried was a Manfrotto Nano VII pouch (part no: MB SCP-7BC) which is a waist type to be used with a belt, the X10 fitted into this bag perfectly in a normal position ie: on its base and there was plenty of room for the neck strap and wrist strap which are not all leather but use a cord with leather fittings so are not as bulky as a full leather strap.

The Manfrotto is my favourite bag and fits into the second compartment of the Case Logic without any problem and leaves room to add other bits and pieces, so this is the case that will be permanently used with the Case Logic.

Due to very changeable weather here in the UK (at the moment plenty of rain) I have decided to buy another small bag with a rain cover and at the moment I'm waiting for a Kata Digital Case - 431 DL to arrive which will be used with the X10.

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