EPL-2 Infra Red conversion questions

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Re: I DO NOT second Spencer's

I just had my Canon 40D DSLR converted to Enhanced Colour IR by LifePiexl. I have been thinking of doing this for some year now...and getting my new 7D made my 40D available for dedicated IR work...I was pleasantly surprised LP had dropped their prices...$300 instead of $500 for my camera.

Whole experience went extremely well. I shipped the camera via insured/tracked Canada Post as per their instructions (courier's charge hefty "brokerage" fees between US & Canada). They sent confirmation of getting the camera within 5 days. 7 days later I have my camera back. While awaiting for the work, I emailed to ask about some post-processing questions I could not find answers to in their extensive video tutorials...and recieved a good explaination within 2 days.

The issue of sensor cleaning-shakers is addressed on their site so it should not be a surprise to anyone looking at their service:
"Dust Reduction

As a general rule the dust reduction feature will no longer be functional after conversion. This is because the ultrasonic piezoelectric element that vibrates dust off the sensor is built into the filter that also blocks IR light. As part of the conversion process we remove the IR blocking filter and since the dust reduction element is built onto this filter, it is removed as well. For a detailed explanation please watch the video “Why the dust reduction feature is disabled after conversion” on our website at: http://www.lifepixel.com/tutorials/infrared-photoshop-videos

Some cameras don’t use an ultrasonic piezoelectric element for dust reduction and instead use the in-camera image stabilization mechanism. In this case the dust reduction will still function."

for me, this is not a big deal...my 40D regularly got dust on the sensor that the cleaning cycle could not deal with. I just got in the habit of performing routine sensor swap cleanings to deal with it. Don't forget, ultrasonic cleaners are a recent feature on digial cams...there was a time we all had to perform manual cleaning...

No big deal!

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