New Retina Mac vs. Year Old Mac with high-res antiglare screen

Started Jun 13, 2012 | Discussions thread
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retina display vs high res anti-glare

I went into the Brighton Apple store today and they had one MBP with retina display which they brought out if you asked for it!

They set it up next to the new MBP with high res and anti-glare so we could compare.

There is a difference but the difference is subtle. If you line up the same photo on each MBP you can tell that the retina display makes the image appear a little sharper and the colours seemed a little more vibrant. (The latter point probably due to it not being anti-glare though).

The difference was no where near the amount that one of the Mac girls in the shop was making out "oh my god its amazing etc".

If you zoomed in on the retina display you notice that the image stays much sharper than if you zoom in on the normal display.

The retina display did have a much wider viewing angle compared to the standard screen.

However, I could see no evidence that the retina display was less reflective than a standard glossy screen. I also had it lined up next to a MBP with a glossy screen and I could not tell any difference.

Therefore if you want no annoying reflections and you want to have the versatility of using the MBP where ever you happen to be then the high res anti-glare is going to give better results.

The shop assistant did suggest that they may bring out an anti-glare retina screen later in the year but I have a feeling this was speculation rather than fact.

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