Canon G1X Vs Sony RX100

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Re: Canon G1X Vs Sony RX100

Marco Nero wrote:

Everyone's bouncing around, trying to compare the recently announced Sony RX100 with the Canon s100 and there's good reason for this: It's simply a ripoff of the innovative s-Series cameras. But don't take my word for it, the author of a similar comparison (who also happens to own an s95) couldn't help but notice the similarities himself. He tries to dismiss them but ultimately confirms what we already know: it's a Canon clone. Shame on Sony! They took quite a lot from the Canon s-Series, and they've managed to even clone the button placements and dial locations, not to mention the programmable lens ring...


Marco Nero.

We are all so glad that you opened this almost useless thread. Actually, the thread could have been interesting if not for the 14 year old 'my gf is more beautiful than yours' tone.

Indeed Sony was clearly inspired by the S100 format when they designed it. What's the problem if this is a good format? And apparently it is.

Ford designs 4-wheeled cars with odometers and an engine. And so does GM.
Airbus designs winged aircraft with two mounted engines. And so does Boeing.
French wine makers make wine out of grape. And so do Napa valley farmers.

This is just evolution: building upon the previous achievements. Get over it.

PS: You also forgot to add that the Sony RX100 is also using an electric battery, like the S100

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