Buying 60d with kit lens, opinions please.

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Re: Couple of thoughts...

Thanks to each of you for your advice.

I respect your opinion on the 24 part of the 24-105L may be a little too wide on the crop. I may well find that out - but I've already ordered - so I'll see!

I do like the 17-55 and maybe 15-85 nearly as much - but the 24-105 was the single higher-end lens (of those three) that was available via Canon's loyalty program (refurbs w/ benefits) - so I that pretty much made my choice for me.

Note that my background includes mostly 35mm film work - so I think that makes me value lens much than younger guys/gals who tend to fixate on sensors & in-body features. I see such a difference between lens, IQ things that I just don't see in most decent sensor comparisons.

My advice the the OP is get a fairly reasonable ef-s 15-85 USM - When they are available in canon refurb, they are $639. If that is above your budget, down grade you body choice so you do have the money to invest in the right lens.

Of course, just my opinion, but I came to the conclusion the kit 18 - 135 just want's going to cut - it would have bothered me every frame I shot.

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