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Both formats, fine.

A D600 and an OM-D, I'd be less convinced.

D700 and OM-D (which I might do) gives a cheap camera for shallow D0F shots (assuming the D600 trashes D700 values), with still perfectly adequate IQ.

D4 and OM-D gives two cameras offering similar IQ but one works in no light and has great C-AF, and the other is portable.

D800 and OM-D - OM-D is a great general purpose camera, but stick a D800 on a tripod and you have an MF camera.

D600 and OM-D, can't really see the point.

millsart wrote:

All good reasons to own BOTH systems.

Who says that a photographer must only own and enjoy 1 system if they shoot m4/3 ?

Its like saying if a guitarist likes Fender guitars then they can't own enjoy those big, heavy Les Pauls at the same time.

Why not own multiple guitars and enjoy playing different styles of music ?

I love the sound of my strat with just a clean amp, its so pure and beautiful, but darn if I don't also enjoy strapping on my Les Paul, cranking up the distortion and rocking out some old Steve Jones riffs.

Why can't one enjoy a m4/3 camera and a DSLR at the same time ? Obviously in life we sometimes have to make choices due to limited means and other obligations such as family, mortgage etc but just because we might not have both does that mean we wouldn't like to have both ?

I can't really afford or justify a big upright bass guitar, but darn if I wouldn't love to have one and try to learn to play some old rockabilly Lee Rocker type songs on it.

While I'm at it, I'd love to have a piano and drum kit and a host of other instruments all in a little converted basement studio.

Not going to happen right now, but hardly a reason for me to act like only guitar is the instrument worth owning.

Likewise, just because shoots, say a m4/3 or FF camera, doesn't mean they can't still want and enjoy a bunch of different camera types.

Again, I don't have unlimited means, but I'd love to have everything from an iPhone 4s to a Sony RX100 to a EM-5, to a D4 and D800 and also a Phaseone 65meg MFDB.

Simply no need to have brand wars or the mindset if youv'e got and enjoy one format you can't also love another.

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