Buy FZ150 or wait for new FZ model ????

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Re: Buy FZ150 or wait for new FZ model ????

The FZ150 may not be replaced with a better camera, this has happened in the past. Buy now and enjoy for years to come

rachunter wrote:

I have caught the bug to upgrade my camera.

My current camera is a FZ-18, I just sold my Canon XSi DSLR a couple of months ago. I thought I was ready for the move to DSLR but after owning one for awhile I found out that a bridge camera really works better for me. The Canon XSi was a great camera but I found that 90% of the time I would take my FZ18 with me and leave the larger XSi and lenses at home.

My question is should I wait for the new model FZ which should be out in a couple of months or purchase a FZ150 now?

I still use my FZ18 so its not like I do not have a camera now and I'm not really worried about the difference in cost between the newer model and the FZ150. I am not rich but I do not mind spending money for what I want when I know it will last me 4 or 5 years. I do not take alot of pictures in the summer so waiting is really not a issue if that is what I need to do.

The main things that concerns me with the FZ150 is the bad things I keep hearing about the viewfinder and I would like a little more zoom range if image quality does not suffer.

If anyone has owned both the FZ18 and the FZ150 could you tell me how the viewfinders compare on these two models?

I would just like to hear some opinions.

Thank you.

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