Samsung nx 20mm Pancake

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Re: Samsung nx 20mm Pancake

paulhome wrote:

i think the 20mm is a bit of a nowhere lens, f2.8 is just too close to the 20-50 which is f3.5 (i think) at 20mm. the 20-50mm is just a very good kits lens and i doubt you could get a better shot at 20mm with the prime (interested if anyone has samples that prove me wrong)

the 16mm f2.4 is a just a more interesting sounding lens and forgiving its quirks it is quite outstanding.
30mm f2 is just good in so many ways.

All that said i only own the 16+30 so the above is more the reasoning as to why i didnt purchase the 20mm rather than experience.

Atm im debating if i should buy the 60mm. as both the 60&85 look great on paper. But i think im going to hold off till we see how the upcoming 55/1.8 turns out.

Disagree. I own the 20mm. It is a great lens. Sharper than the kit 20-50mm in my experience. Prefer it over the 30mm as it is just the right wideness for indoor situations, and is very close to a prime 35mm on a full frame camera.

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