Some pictures I took at a friend's wedding with the 5D Mark III

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Re: Some pictures I took at a friend's wedding with the 5D Mark III

Just want to say thanks for the info. I am a 5D Mark II user who is considering upgrading to a Mark III. I volunteered to shoot a friends wedding in August and I am trying to decide if I should upgrade before the wedding or after. I really like what I am hearing about the focusing accuracy on the Mark III but I am a little worried about the learning curve and how to best setup the camera for shooting the wedding. Unlke you I primarily use Canon "L" Zooms when I shoot (70-200 2.8 IS and 24-70 2.8).

I am going to re-read your post on how you setup the focusing as that is the part (when reading the manual) that seems very different from the Mark II.

Are there any other settings you used that would be helpful and also how long did you find the "learning curve" to be. I know that the 7D and the Mark III have things in common that the Mark II does not.

Again - very nice shots and any other tips you (or any other reader may have) will be helpful.

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