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Re: is there any open source software ? or xml based softw? Re: photo management soft

phred14 wrote:

A general question about this kind of software...

I presume it really stores metadata, not the photographs themselves. Correct? Does it move the photographs into its own directory structure, or does it leave them where it finds them?

I can speak for vvvP, but I think that most DAM programs work the same way.

The program does not change or move the images in any way. It stores metadata and image thumbnails in its database, so you can quickly browse images.

It also stores an SHA-1 hash for each image, so it can know if the file has changed in any way.

I have no DAM at all, at the moment. I did recently write some scripts to handle this for me. The download software I've seen organizes the photos in directories by download date, which may not be terribly useful. The scripts I wrote grab photos from "somewhere", (you specify the directory) reads the EXIF data, and stores them in a directory structure by the date the photo was taken. The target structure is 3 layers deep, year, then month (numerical), then day. (again, numerical)

Using a DAM you can leave the images in unorganized folders. You organize images at the database level so the program can show you different views of the same images, based on you needs. Then the program always knows where you can find an image if you want to know it.
vvvP can also copy one or more images to a given folder for you.

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