Guy Parson's file naming method

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Re: Guy Parson's file naming method

I may have misunderstood the problem you are addressing here Tom, but it seems to me finding photos taken by various cameras (and scanners) is easily done using the EXIF info. For example, iPhoto on MacOSX keeps track of all the cameras used and it is a trivial matter to make a "smart album" (essentially a saved search updated in real time) for all the photos taken with a given camera. Similarly for lenses or combinations of lens and camera plus any other criteria contained in the EXIF or other metadata. similarly in Aperture with added possibility of renaming files with quite complex filenames while they are being imported.

I seem to remember you are Linuxian (is that the word for people from the planet Linux?) so my examples are not applicable directly but I'm sure there must be a similar system available to you.

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