Back to size and weight for the E-M5

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Re: Back to size and weight for the E-M5

I think Canon should be more worried than Oly, they have hit a sweet spot with the EM5 in terms of form factor, image quality, lenses, etc.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

For a brief period there, you'd buy an MFT camera even if size and weight were not an issue.

D600 with the equivalent of a 12-42 f1.7-f2.4 going to be 2K.

Interesting times. About the same price and performance as an E-M5 with 12-35 f2.8 (although getting through to thick people that FF has the same IQ as MFT seems to be a bit of an uphill struggle).

The E-M5 will be a lot more compact, and considerably lighter.

On the other hand, with the D600, you can take off the 12-42 Nikkor and put on a 12-35 f1.4, or I could use my 52mm f1.0

So that will be the choice - size and weight versus flexibility for DoF and low light (with other, expensive, lenses).

I'll be sticking with the E-M5. I hate carrying stuff, and also I hate looking like a tourist.

[all the FF lenses above have been converted to MFT effective focal lengths f ratios.]

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