More X2 Pictures. Great camera!

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Re: More X2 Pictures. Great camera!

As far as IQ goes, I thought the X1 was (is) superb. It used the same APS-C sensor as a number of DSLR's, and behind a great lens there is no reason why it wouldn't give the same dynamic range etc. Its problem was the AF, which was (is) slow by competitive standards. Line up an X1 and a Panasonic GX1, and forget about the huge price differential, the GX1 is focused and the shot taken before the X1 is beginning to consider locking on. Forget manual focus in any kind of real-life situation where you aren't shooting barn doors either, the screen is crap. So the X1's advantage in ultimate file quality, and it is there over the m4/3, is strongly offset IF you need the camera to deal with any kind of fast movement, i.e., candid, up close shooting.

I am curious how the X2 compares, not against the X1 but the NEX and the GX1 in AF operation. It should be handily improved since the real issue in the X1 was the age of the sensor and its lack of refresh rate. If the X2 is using a modern generation Sony sensor, its refresh rate should be the same as the NEX, so it should be relatively functional.

I am not at al troubled by the price, which odd as it may seem is pretty competitive. A NEX-7 with a Zeiss 35 (equivalent) lens will run about $2,000. An OM-D with a 25mm Panaleica will be about that much. The maybe few hundred dollar difference of the X2 will be resolved on the back end anyways. So all in all, IF the AF is now competitive, it really should be a great little camera.

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