FINALLY took the d800e and zeiss21 out

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Re: Thats a bit tough harold ...

I know that sounds democratic, but ....

To take my analogy further, you couldn't expect members of a Ferrari forum to have much time for people asking how to do manual gears!

Sean Reid has spent a month with it and says he hasn't scratched the surface

Sure, anyone can buy anything I suppose.

In terms of the advice given to you. I would always recommend someone who wants to learn about cameras to use primes, possibly a 50mm alone and a simple camera. To learn the relationship between focus, aperture and shutter speed

Today the best start would be an old film camera. For digital, for the richer person, a second hand Leica M8 and second hand lens (or new voigtlander) would be good

The problem with starting with a cheap DSLR or CSC, like the D3200, is the temptation is too much to always stay in P mode, unless you are doing a photographic course of some kind

oneANT wrote:

harold1968 wrote:

No beginner should start with a D800
Its too much of a camera, even for many pros

There are plenty of better beginner cameras, £70 on a Canon AE-1 and 50mm for example!

And yes, such advice is valid. In the same way I would say giving a ferrari to a new qualified driver is dangerous!

Thats a bit tough harold ...

It was advice like this that nearly ended it for me. Get an 18-200vr they said, a sigma 10-20 to fill the gaps.

I was so utterly disappointed ...I never kept a single image from them as no image was worth saving.

Let people buy what they want and don't tell them, give them info that lets them make their own decisions ...I hope you never do this and that you make your own decision to never do this.


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