Need Backpack for a lot of Equipment

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Re: Need Backpack for a lot of Equipment

I try not to drop $800 cameras. Have you ever dropped one? Why would you start now?The glass is the picture, not the body, hence as a Canon guy my choice to bring the lightest.

If you use the beanbag and ask the driver to shut off the engine you will not need a monopod. It is rarely safe to get out of the truck, but if you do it makes a great place to rest your beanbag.

You will find yourself missing shots and for that matter, the experience, as you change lenses to get the "right" one.

Every ounce of camera gear you pack is an ounce of something else you cannot carry eg what antibiotics are you bringing? You realize that ERs there may not sterilize syringes?
Spent 2 months in Africa, 2X2 months in S Asia

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