Samsung NX200 with Sigma Fisheye 8mm ( I am using Samyang)

Started Jun 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
apkraven Forum Member • Posts: 58
Re: Samyang 8mm/2.8 for NX

it's just a matter of a personal preference i guess, rectilinear vision looks more "photographic" to me and the fisheye more "cartoonish" or just fun. for scenery i guess i wouldn't care much, but i would like to take pics of cars and some close-ups, have the ability to crop, so i guess the rectilinear 12-24 zoom would be more preferred for me if the price isn't sky high. i guess in the regular use, i would need and prefer to convert from fisheye to rectilinear more often than in the opposite direction if i had a 12-24 zoom.

as for 8mm f/2.8 fisheye , i don't see the price in your news, but in russian news the price was announced as 350 eur fyi.

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