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Re: Who is everyone?

I own the E-1, E-3 and E-5 and have just bought the OM-D. When I travelled in the past I had 35 pounds of camera and lenses in a slingpack. Now I have a very light camera bag with OM-D, 12-50mm and 40-150mm m.zuiko and 25mm F1.4 pani (a beautiful lens).

The adapter isn't available yet so no chance to try my 12-60mm, 50mm, 50-200mm, 7-14mm digital zuikos on it. In addition to the focusing speed issue, weight is a major consideration.

I am likely only to take the 7-14mm along given that I understand it focuses well on the OM-D and it is one hell of a lens. Weight will be an issue but I won't carry it all the time.

As well as meeting travel needs, the OM-D will allow me to use higher ISO settings for indoor performances and superior video. Finally, I like to do street photography and the small size and tilt screen make me less conspicuous as well as move the camera lower (I am 6 foot 2). I am very much inspired by Vivian Maier - besides being a photographic genius she was short and used a twin lens reflex. http://vivianmaier.blogspot.ca/

I don't think I am a candidate for an E-7 if it is just an upgraded E-5 body as my preference would be a PRO OM-D with grip that would be able to focus FT lenses but would add new features. In that way, one camera would meet all of my needs including a light travel kit.

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