First DSLR on a budget..Nikon or Canon?

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Re: First DSLR on a budget..Nikon or Canon?

Flasteve wrote:

I have held them both, they both seem fine, I think I like the Nikon slightly better. Whats interesting we have no real camera stores, have to go to Best Buy or stores like that to hold a camera.

My general approach is to first download manuals for the cameras I consider, study them thoroughly, and think about each function, how important it is to me and how often am I likely to use it. Note where on the camera is the control for each feature: dedicated physical button/dial? Combined function button/dial? (where you have to press a sequence or combination of buttons to adjust) Buried in the menus somewhere? What are the customization options, will I be able to make the features I need to access often more accessible?

Then, when at a store, it is not just 'playing around'. It is specifically testing out how comfortable it is to use functionality identified as most important. How easily and readily can I work each control - while using the viewfinder. For example, D3100 adjustment dial is horizontal, and on the back, top-left corner, to be adjusted with your thumb. T3 dial is vertical, above the shutter button, to be adjusted with index finger. To work the Nikon dial, I have to move my thumb in a way that is physically painful to me due to an old injury.

Also, I don't like buttons on the left of the camera, and D3100 places quite a few of them there, while T3 has none, everything is on the right. My usual grip, especially with a longer/heavier lens, is using the left hand to support the lens. Canon (I use 60D which also has almost everything on the right) allows me access to every control without shifting my grip. So for me, Canon was clearly the more comfortable choice.

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