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Re: TX20 Saga -- part 2

pocky wrote:

In what ways is the tx 20 superior to the TX5? I had a TX5, which broke so I bought a TX10. The laggy touchscreen is awful, and the colours seem really muted. Do you secretly wish you had kept the tx5?!

Well I have mixed feelings. I did like the solid responsiveness of the TX5 resistive screen (and the fact that it can be used underwater). It was a great camera--especially since I could turn off those nasty screen info clutterings so I didn't have to wait 4 sec. for them to go away.

But the TX20 fixes the ultra-sensitive swiping problem of the TX55--which I absolutely couldn't put up with. Don't know how that compares with the TX10. The colors on the TX20 screen are really good, and when it's turned up full-brightness, it's pretty good on a sunny day (though not as good as my 2 year old Casio S12!)

I don't like the TX20 lag when you have to wait for info to come up before swiping through pictures, but I can get used to it. It's a very nice camera and the pictures look very good to my eye. I guess I don't regret it--my first tx20 went back because the half-click failed, and I ordered another one. I could have just got a refund and ordered another TX5. I think the movies are slightly better on the TX20, and the 16MP is nice. So if the TX20 hadn't been on the horizon, I think I would have been fine with the TX5.

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