Need Backpack for a lot of Equipment

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Re: Need Backpack for a lot of Equipment

I once watched someone climb a mountain with a Haliburton case strapped on his back, not a pretty sight.

When I was in Africa, my main gear was locked in a safe whilst in the cities, because some of the places I went to a Canon with a big taupe lens would get U murdered and i used the equivalent of an S90 pocket camera (which I had to physically defend on 2 occasions).

At the camp, a wide angle to short tele is useful, while on the trail a 70-300ish zoom with a 1.4 telexteder was enough. As far as bodies go, if care is taken it would be most unusual for one to fail in noncommercial use. I doubt that a T13 takes a worse picture than a 60 in most hands, and it is half the size/weight.

You don't need an off-camera flash as you are unlikely to be out of camp after dark.The 2 most useful accessories are an extra pair of batteries, and 2 ziploc bags, one to keep out dust and the other to fill with lentils to act as a camera rest to steady the photo. And unless the animals are ready to pose, you are unlikely to get out of your truck to use a tripod.

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