Very first time painting using photoshop mixer brush please critiques

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Re: Thank You All

The ballet dancers painting are brilliant I also agree we are never satisfied sometimes I try too hard and destroy the painting and have to walk away and try another time. I am no artist by trade just a hobbyist I suppose it make it harder to learn I do follow great artist works I like Mary Cassett and Monet.

Corel painter brushes are so many and like yourself I am learning some of the brushes work with certain painting and some don't I am concentrating on painting portraits at the moment I am still new with Corel animal portraits are far more easier than people portrait the Oil brushes using different variants are good for furs.

Couple of portraits i've done using Corel Painter

I think I need to be more brave with the brushes instead of shying to use them.


mikes wrote:

I agree, it takes a long time to grasp Corel Painter but....what I have also learned is that , as an artist, one is never satisfied. What one brush did miracles on totally destroys another painting. In fact, this painting took days for me to do!! I was just never satisfied with it, still not actually, just did not quit on it.

Awhile back Ronny Harris - a poster here - mentioned to walk away from a retouch and come back to it. A great piece of advice. Also, Lylejk for his work, its always different and shows to think outside the box. This is what I do when I paint, let the brush flow wildly and a better result will come.

And, if you can share Jeremy's and others brushes with the forum members it would be much appreciated.

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Only when you can criticize yourself, should you criticize others. Mikes.

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