Canon G1X Vs Sony RX100

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Marco Nero
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Canon G1X Vs Sony RX100

Come on, you knew someone was going to do this thread. The RX100 was as much a stab at the G1X as it was at the s100. Does it take a better picture than the s100? Yes, surprisingly.... it does. But how does it compare to the G1X?

Everyone's bouncing around, trying to compare the recently announced Sony RX100 with the Canon s100 and there's good reason for this: It's simply a ripoff of the innovative s-Series cameras. But don't take my word for it, the author of a similar comparison (who also happens to own an s95) couldn't help but notice the similarities himself. He tries to dismiss them but ultimately confirms what we already know: it's a Canon clone. Shame on Sony! They took quite a lot from the Canon s-Series, and they've managed to even clone the button placements and dial locations, not to mention the programmable lens ring...

But something else that came from the article/comparison/review is that the Sony RX100 was compared with a variety of other cameras, including the Canon G1X. And the G1X came out ahead due to less noise, better image clarity and detail captured, especially at higher ISOs. I don't doubt that the other manufacturers are trying to come up with something to exceed the G1X and it will eventually happen.

Already, the members of other forums here and elsewhere are already asking what features people would like to see on an RX200 (amusing since the RX100 isn't yet in the hands of the public!). I don't know why people feel they have to "upgrade" their cameras every time a new release comes along but it must be in our nature. A couple of members here said they were going to sell their G1Xs and buy the new RX100 just because of the press release but I'm not seeing anything in the RX100 worthy of jumping camps other than a faster auto-focus system. Better image quality should always be the leading argument for a quality camera.

The G1X came out well ahead with less noise (top) and more detail captured (bottom).

It is interesting to compare the RX100 to the G1X because they both use larger sensor and that means they both have larger lens assemblies. The RX100 is nowhere near as small as an s-Series camera but it's close. It's chunkier and the protruding lens area might well catch on something when unholstering from a pocket or a pouch.

The G1X outperformed all the other cameras in this test... including the Sony NEX.

I've often said here that when I buy a digital camera, I take a look at the Cons (or disadvantages) that the camera possesses before I make a decision. Because the Cons are going to be the roadblock that prevents me from capturing what it is that I'm after.

SONY RX100 CONS according to

  • Despite its simple external controls, its options are somewhat overwhelming

  • Some lens flare noticed at night when shooting wide open

  • Poor rendering of yellows - undersaturated and shifted toward green

  • Slow flash recycling

  • Autofocus very slow to lock in Continuous AF mode

  • Very limited flash range at telephoto focal lengths

  • Rather uneven flash coverage at any focal length, particularly bad at wide angle

  • Limited 3.6x optical zoom range

  • Maximum aperture drops quickly as you zoom

  • Soft corners wide-open

  • In manual white balance mode, color balance shifts as the lens zooms

  • Manual white balance mode requires more light than may be available in low-light conditions

  • Randomly variable shot to shot speed in Speed Priority continuous shooting mode (camera "stutters" sometimes)

  • Mode dial difficult to turn at first

  • No support for a remote

  • USB charging means no ability to charge a second battery outside the camera

No camera is perfect. At least in the sense that there's no such thing as a camera that can do everything. I don't like it when a camera company (or any other manufacturer for that matter) pinches the ideas of another simply because they know it will sell. There's always people who don't care and will happily purchase the cheaper alternative but I don't think that replication is the answer. I am especially annoyed with Samsung for using (stealing) Sony NEX designs and Apple designs although that's another gripe for another day.

The Sony RX 100 compared very closely with the s100 but appeared to capture sharper detail at higher ISO settings. It didn't really come close to the G1X though and I would have been surprised if it did. It's main benefit will be that the Sony should have a faster focus-lock time. I'm going to be interested to see how it handles with the public.

Marco Nero.

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