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Re: abstract/sureal photography sub-forum?

Costia wrote:

Doesn't look like there is one.
Where should i look for abstract photos? preferably in color
Are there any famous abstract photographers you know?

I do them as a spin off of street photography but they are manufactured from the real so there is a natural limit. I'm into seeing alternate views of the same scene that anyone else might. It came about from being in the same location with another photographer but our results were not the same ..so I wanted to see how not the same I could be. The results include some abstraction and some surrealism but only because it exists in the original image and must remain as I found them which is a premise of street photography.

Typically surrealist art is manufactured and involves adapted composites of images in combination but in street photography that would be called deceptive and I'd end up with no reputation.

Surrealism was a part of Henri Cartier Bresson's work but I'm not one of his disciples.

Bresson was even advised not to call himself a surrealist photographer as he hoped to because it would have limited his opportunity to get work as a commercial photographer and necessary for paying the bills.

Actually, thinking about it ...goto 1x.com where you will find a ton but they are a mix of photography and illustrator or post processing but are likely exactly as you ask.

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