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Re: imac screen sizes

Christopher D Mann wrote:

I was told at store if I wanted to upgrade drive that screen would have to be removed from case. Did not understand why that would have to be done.

Yes, because of the placement of bay(s) relative to the screen. Drive bays are not considered user-serviceable on flat-panel iMacs, and opening up the iMac may void your warranty.

It is possible to add external drives via USB 2.0, Firewire 800, or Thunderbolt – or to connect to network servers via WiFi or Gigabit Ethernet. (Apple has not refreshed the iMacs with USB 3.0 yet.)

It is also possible to customize-order a machine at the online Apple Store.

Is there a access panel on the new I mac machines for ram upgrade?

There's a panel at the bottom of the screen that provides access to four RAM slots. Those are considered user-serviceable (and are the only internal part of the iMac that is).

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