HX20 or something else?

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flashpanther New Member • Posts: 3
Re: HX20 or something else?

Stuck between the Sony HX20 & the Panasonic TZ30 for a purchase.

IMO the HX20 produces better photos.
But I like the ease of manual focus using the touch screen on the TZ30.

IE. easy focus from foreground object to an object in the distance through finger touch on the screen while filming video.
Would I miss this fuction a lot with the Sony?

Also the TZ30 has the miniature effect mode when shooting a video. I love this effect also. I can find out if the sony HX20 has this mode. I see it is listed for still shots though. Anyone clear this up for me?

As you can see 2 functions I really like on the Panasonic TZ30. If I can acheive the same effect through use of buttons for the focus on the sony and is has the miniature movie mode then I would jump for it. But so fr no one has helped me with info. Appreciate help. I am really trying to convince myself to go for the Sony but don't wanna make a mistake. Been put off a purchase because of this for a long while now.

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