50 1.2 L on crop

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Re: Lots of 50L/Crop Experience Here

BozillaNZ wrote:

Besides "Cheaper", all the rest of 'advantages' of crop sensor can be achieved by cropping the FF picture. So double doh...

And the advantages can be regained by the crop by cropping the crop picture. So triple duh…Of course you realize this duh fest can continue until there are no pixels left or we reach the 150 post limit

I use both my 7D and 1dsIII about equally. I’m not arguing the superiority of either format. FF has a clear and obvious advantage at producing the most out of focus blur. If that’s what the OP wants, that’s what the OP should get. The OP asked for those like me who have used the 50L on a crop camera to express their opinion and relate their experiences using the 50L on a crop camera. It is my opinion that the OP should base his decision on a multitude of parameters not just which lens/camera combination produces the most blur.
I’m no expert; I just like to take pictures and share them with strangers (duh)

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